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Our Aurora | Cantek strains raise the quality bar of medical cannabis in Israel. For better, consistent treatment

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- Luminarium®, also known as Delahaze, is a high-THC sativa strain that produces sticky buds with a cone-like shape. The invigorating aroma of Luminarium is reminiscent of fresh mangoes, with notes of tropical citrus and pine.

CBD: 4% THC: 20%
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Sedamen is a dominant indica strain, cultivated in Canada, by Aurora Cannabis, at their state of the art indoor growing facilities. The THC rich indica strain, also known as Pink Kush, showcasing dark green and purple buds. This powerful strain carries a lemony aroma with hints of pepper and lavender.

CBD: 4% THC: 20%
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Matago is a dominant Indica strain cultivated by Aurora Cannabis, at the company's state of the art indoor growing facilities in Canada. It originates from the famous strain MK Ultra and was created by a hybrid between OG Kush and G13. Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup. This high-THC indica strain made up of dense, dark green and orange-tinged buds. Mattego has a strong pungent odour with earthy flavour notes of citrus and spice.

CBD: 4% THC: 20%
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Rex is a hybrid strain with a tendency to Sativa, cultivated by Aurora Cannabis, in the company's state of the art indoor growing facilities in Canada. Originating in the popular strain Tangerine Dream, a hybrid of the G13, Afghani with Neville's A5 Haze. Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain is recognized with unmistakable deep purple buds and a distinctive citrus aroma .

CBD: 4% THC: 20%
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Patient Services

The Tree of Knowledge Counseling Center assists thousands of people in accompanying the process of exercising eligibility for medical cannabis treatment. It's a source of professional information and support for new and veteran patients.

The Tree of Knowledge patient community. A supportive and attentive community that offers its members lectures, consultiations with experts, a rich content channel, benefits in various shops and in the future a relaxed and inviting clubhouse.

A pharmacy dedicated to medical cannabis with a team of skilled and experienced pharmacists at your service.
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Areas of Practice


Cantek Is the official importer of canadian medical cannabis pioneer Aurora Cannabis Inc.  Raising the quality standard of medical cannabis products in Israel is at the top of the priorities of both companies and by importing premium products from the most advanced growing facilities in the world, that operate under strict quality control, Aurora and Cantek are able to ensure high quality with stability and continuity of treatment.


The company owns 52,000sqm of private agricultural land in Kfar Hess, Israel. The company obtained licenses from the MOH to establish a nursery and cultivation farm in compliance with IMC-GAP standards. The planning phase of the farm has been completed and is awaiting approval from the local committee.

Processing & Distribution

Cantek owns a processing plant and a distribution center in Even-Yehuda, Israel. The plant is awaiting final approvals after being converted to European (EU-GMP) and Israeli (IMC-GMP) standards. The plant is equipped with the appropriate equipment for processing, extraction and packaging. The plant has the capacity to handle raw material from a large number of different growers in order to become a plant that will provide service to the market needs in the most stringent standard.


Cantek is involved in genetic and technological development for various medical cannabis products.

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