Cantek Global

Cantek Global Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Shmuel Capuano, Netsah Israel & Daniel Machluf. The company operates in Israel & Germany, and holds strategic agreements and subsidiaries, all aimed to the goal of making cannabis accessible for those who seek relief and improvement in their life quality, while advancing medical, technological and genetic research & development.


Cantek Global is the exclusive importer of medical cannabis from the canadian pioneers Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NASDAQ: ACB | TSX: ACB) In January 2021 the first products under the co-brand Aurora | Cantek arrived to Israeli pharmacies. Raising the bar of medical cannabis quality in Israel is in top priority for both Cantek and Aurora, and by importing only top quality medical cannabis from high end indoor facilities, which operated with strict quality assurance and compliance, the companies can assure quality along with stability and continuity of treatment for medical cannabis patients in Israel.

In July 2021 the biggest medical cannbis shipment has arrived to israel, with more than 1.8 metric tons of dried cannabis infloresence consisted of 8 premium strains with low deviation (<10%), after achieving Israel’s import standards which are one of the highest in the world. The meaning for medical cannabis patients in the region is steady and stable supply of top quality products.

Tree of Knowledge (Etz Hadaat)

Tree of Knowledge is the largest, most advanced consulting and guidance center aimed to make medical cannabis accessible for potential patients and raising awareness of its theraputic benefits. The center helps hundreds of patients each month who are seeking relief and improvement in their quality of life to access medical cannabis treatment. הוגה ומייסד המרכז הוא הפעיל החברתי הותיק שלומי סנדק, אשר עזר לאלפי חולים למצוא מזור בזכות הקנאביס הרפואי וכיום הוא מלווה מטופלים במועדון עץ החיים.

תחת אותה קורת גג שוכן מועדון עץ החיים הבית של מטופלי הקנאביס הרפואי הישראל. The goal of the club is first and foremost to be a supportive community of patients by patients. The club explores the cannabis culture, produces relevant content for new and senior patients and help them with medical cannabis use tips. The clubhouse is adjacent to the Tree of Knowledge counseling center and pharmacy and will open its doors in the coming months. The clubhouse will be a focal point for lectures, conferences and a modular studio for everything related to the world of medical cannabis as well as an independent meeting place for its members. Facebook – Instagram – YouTube

בית המרקחת של עץ הדעת הוא הזרוע השלישית של המרכז לקנאביס רפואי. לצד ידע נרחב בטיפול בקנאביס, התאמת זנים והדרכות שונות הצוות המיומן חרט על דגלו מתן שירות אישי ומותאם למטופל ומציע מגוון שירותים נוספים כגון ייעוץ תרופתי עם ד״ר ורדית קלמרו, ייעוץ נטורופתי עם נעמה גונן ועוד. The pharmacy is active and awaiting approval for cannabis dispenssing.

Processing Plant & Distribution Center

Cantek Global owns a processing plant and distribution center located in Even-Yehuda, Israel. The plant is awaiting final approvals after being converted to European (EU-GMP) and Israeli (IMC-GMP) standards. The plant is equipped with the appropriate equipment for processing, extraction and packaging. The plant has the capacity to handle raw material from a large number of different growers in order to become a plant that will provide service to the market needs in the most stringent standard.

The distributioin center is located next to the factory and constitutes a logistics base that is able to store and distribute a finished product to all pharmacies in Israel.

Cantek GmbH - Germany

Cantek Global’s subsidiary, Cantek GmbH, is based in Hamburg, Germany and distributes medical cannabis from various suppliers in Europe to over 500 pharmacies. Cantek GMBH has import permits for inflorescences and oils in Europe and will soon receive the permit to import products from other territories outside it. The expertise and experience of Chillion GmbH, 80% of which has been acquired by Cantek Global, is a significant milestone in the company’s ability to bring the uncompromising message of quality to all corners of Europe in the foreseeable future.

The Team

Shmuel Capuano

Chairman & Co-Founder

Shmuel is a serial entrepreneur who sold Green Smoke, the company he founded to Altria Group, Inc. for $110M. He is currently heading a number of startups including a B2B SaaS platform, as well as a number of initiatives in the medical space.

Netsah Israel

CEO & Co-Founder

Netsah is a successful entrepreneur with deep relationships in Israel and abroad. In addition to leading Cantek, Netsah oversees his extensive commercial and residential real estate portfolio. He is known by his cohorts to be a master negotiator with a proven track record of success in building and scaling technology and retail business in Israel, USA, and China.

Daniel Machluf


Daniel is an international trade expert. He founded and managed a number of successful wholesale ventures in Israel, USA, and China. He is in charge of overseeing all of Cantek’s business units and directing each unit’s management teams

David Shisel

VP Business Development

David has experience in highly regulated industries such as medical cannabis and has previously worked in legal capacities with various licensed producers. He also has expertise in product development, working with GMP manufacturers to identify product manufacturing requirements and establishing operations for pharmaceutical companies

Ofer Rendlich


Ofer brings many years of experience in building strategies and processes based on large technological systems. Over the years, he has led development companies on large projects with tens of thousands of daily users.His ability to analyze and find creative solutions to complex issues, combined with deep and diverse technical expertise, marches the research and technological development of Cantek, in order to connect the world of cannabis with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Tzahi Mor, CPA


Tzahi is an experienced financial director, with a proven track record in defining and executing strategic changes, business operations and development in a multinational environment. Tzahi brings strong leadership skills combined with analytical capabilities, and a speciality in finance management in a global markets.

Tzahi holds an Accounting and Economics degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.